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An ambulance as rolling, prehospital telemedicine platform with advanced diagnostic possibilities


VIMED® TELEAMBULANCE offers with special telemedical equipment and completely IT-integrated POC-, laboratory- and diagnostic-systems for an advanced spectrum of acute life-threatening and especially time-sensitive diseases, such as cardiac infarction or stroke.
The extensive setting with Point-of-Care diagnostic-systems and the application of telemedical communication / data transmission offer enhanced diagnostic options, allow application of specific medical expertise for diagnosis and thus enable a prompt treatment initiation.
The systematic choice of a hospital as well as preliminary information of specialists or the targeted hospital, allow already in advance a medically reasonable and resource-efficient patient management. Additional inter-hospital transfers and their resulting costs can be avoided.
Besides possible savings, a faster treatment of the patient can finally lead to a significant improvement of treatment results.
The special equipment of the VIMED® TELEAMBULANCE consists of:

  • POC-, laboratory- and diagnostic-systems (suitable for mobile and telemedicine applications)

The combination of telemedical communication and advanced, patient side emergency diagnostics offers the opportunity for development and / or enhancement of prehospital initiated therapies to a greater extent than the current state. From our point of view, VIMED® TELEAMBULANCE is a concept with future – because of demographic, social and economic factors adjustments and restructurings will be mandatory in the German emergency care.
The VIMED® TELEAMBULANCE by MEYTEC presents a possible solution for times of growing resource scarcity and increasing requirements for a faster and reliable emergency care.






  • Integrated, patient side emergency diagnostics with the help of telemedical enabled POC-, laboratory- and diagnostic-systems
  • Diagnosis with telemedical expert’s assessment via real-time transmission
  • Pre-hospital initiation of therapeutic measures
  • Systematic choice and preliminary information of targeted hospitals and thus reduction of unnecessary inter-hospital transfers
  • Fast, comfortable and safe data exchange
  • Potential connection of all links of a therapeutic chain
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