Competence for Telemedicine and Medical Technology



Web-based telemedicine system for hospital and medical practices


The telemedical system VIMED® WEB is a complex efficient image management system for medical office or hospital department, where the image processing is essential. The system can visualize pictures or movies on ultra-mobile devices in high quality, directly at the hospital bed and manage large volume of data. It is up to the doctor, how he/she wants to use the telemedical system.

The VIMED® WEB technology supports experts in the diagnostics and further use of radiological DICOM-images. For the examination, however, you will only need the one unit for image or video playback (e.g. PC, tablet or smartphone). Visualization of images can take place both at the medical workplace and during the patient visits. All versions of VIMED® WEB provide at least a superior access to the primary analyzing of radiological images. The physician has, among other things, reliable access with exclusive rights. He/she can manage their colleagues and grant them a time-limited access to the image data. After all diagnostics, the image material can be saved on the data medium according to the DICOM standard. The VIMED® WEB system supports the writing of offline CD’s / DVD’s.




  • Worldwide access to the teleradiological data
  • Cost effective solution for management of the medical image material
  • Support simultaneously use of several monitors
  • Works without a special software
  • High data security
  • Visualization on ultra-mobile devices via WLAN, UMTS or 4G (with appropriate SIM-card)
  • Burning images directly on CD/DVD
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